KOK.IMMO was started in 2017 but builds on 17 years of experience. It’s a small real estate company that does not try to get thousands of listings just to fill a website. It has a very small but extremely well-selected number of properties that are correctly priced.

KOK.IMMO is a member of the FNAIM. 

Virginie Kok, CEO, and Founder
Virginie lives in Moulin de Saint Pierre in Fouleix. It’s the one property she decided to buy and not sell. It’s the third property she renovated in the Dordogne (that’s why she knows which builders to pick and whom to avoid). She was born in France but has lived in the Netherlands for a long time, Italy, Germany, and the UK. She is fluent in French, English, Italian and Dutch and understands the culture that comes with these languages. Her University Master's degree in French literature with a specialisation in Surrealism comes in handy when dealing with bureaucracy.  According to her husband, she is the most tenacious person in the world when it comes to dealing with the French administration. She has sold a lot of properties over the past 17 years...


Certified Expert
Virginie is a certified Expert, so licensed to legally value houses, with the Chambre des Experts Immobiliers de France of the FNAIM.


The Region
The most important quality of a real-estate agent is how connected it is. KOK.IMMO knows the Dordogne. The builders that do show up on Monday morning and who are experienced enough to make a correct estimate. The telephone/internet provider that has a good service team in the region.  The carpenter who is not scared to do something bespoke.  KOK.IMMO even knows what restaurants are great and why you should not go there in August. And KOK.IMMO believes in assisting its customers with these things is part of selling a property.  Other agencies will have a bottle of champagne in the house when you open the door, KOK.IMMO rather phones you a few days later and ask how you are, if there is anything it can do. Ask you to come for a drink and meet some other people.